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Bronze, Blues & Brews is a 501-4(c) Non-Profit Organization. Supporting our local Youth Organizations, School Music & Arts Programs and bringing National & Regional Blues Entertainment to perform in Wallowa County. All Rights Reserved © 2015-2016
Bronze Blues & Brews- P. O. Box 362, Joseph, Oregon  97846
Sound & Lights  T R U E T O N E AUDIO

What has B B & B done lately?

  Here is just a sample of some of the things we have accomplished.
Donated over $22,000 to the City of Joseph for improvements to the City Park. Secured partial grant funding for underground power to lower end of City Park. Secured partial grant funding for permanent safety fencing in City Park. Donated over $12,000 to local High School Sports & other programs. Donated over $8,000 to Local High School Arts & Music programs. Established the “Karen Jackson Memorial Award” donating over $4,000 to local charities. Established “Arts & Music Scholarships” to local students and donating over $6,000. $4,374,000.00 - Conservative estimate of dollars spent in Wallowa County, Oregon over 19 year span by Bronze Blues & Brews non-resident ticket buyers.
Member 20th Anniversary Bronze Blues & Brews 2016 August 12-13, 2016
“Best Little Fest in the Northwest”
Thank You “CBA”, Volunteers, Staff & Sponsors..
2015 Bronze Blues & Brews Festival “Northwest Blues Event of the Year.”
Muddy Award Winner